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Chyuan Chang Takes Care of Each Step in Making Quality, Reliable Gas Tanks

Chyuan Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing gas (fuel) tanks and oil pans for virtually all makes and models, as well as large- and medium-sized trucks.

The maker's major products comprise gas (fuel) tanks, oil pans, fuel filler necks, gas tank fittings, straps, etc., all of which, says the maker, are fully made-in-Taiwan to feature the highest precision, quality and durability.

With its all-round in-house product development capability, Chyuan Chang welcomes customers to provide product samples and design drawings, from which the maker is very confident in turning into finished items fully meeting customers' requirements.

Currently Chyuan Chang operates an integrated factory in central Taiwan, where many advanced manufacturing and processing equipment are installed to assure high qualitative consistency. The firm in-house does the precision stamping and welding works to assure the best quality.

The firm's stringent quality control (QC) system is another major factor that helps to achieve reliable quality. To achieve the highest quality and durability, the gas tank maker insists on adopting only the best materials for producing all its products.

In addition to product comprehensiveness, Chyuan Chang also provides prompt delivery and satisfactory customer services, which are regularly accomplished due to its years of know-how and expertise in the gas tank and oil pan business.

The company stresses that the fuel tank is a safety-critical part on a vehicle, so all company employees pay highest attention to every step for making each item, from design, production, processing to final quality check. All these efforts devoted, however, have won Chyuan Chang a very good international reputation for quality and precision.   

The firm welcomes buyers to further inquire about the company and products, especially original equipment manufacturing (OEM) orders. You can just give the ideas, product samples, or drawings; then Chyuan Chang will utilize its know-how and expertise to turn into satisfactory finished products fully meeting all your specifications and requirements.